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When it comes to chartering a private yacht in Chicago, Chicago Private Yacht Rentals provides a private and pampering experience unlike any other.

Our 68-foot private luxury yacht, Adeline’s Sea Moose, offers a vibrant environment, unparalleled service, and spectacular views to make any personal occasion uniquely memorable as well as providing entrepreneurs, enterprising organizations and established businesses a very effective way to impress prospects, indulge clients, influence stakeholders or inspire employees

Serving the demand for a private yacht experience between the passenger crowded superyachts and smaller hybrid party yachts has distinguished Chicago Private Yachts Rentals as a leader in private yacht charters in Chicago, for individuals and businesses.

Chicago Private Yacht Rentals

Personal Pleasure

Chicago Private Yacht Rentals appreciates the value clients recognize in choosing us to help make their special occasion that much more pleasurable and memorable.

Chicago Private Yacht Rentals yacht charters for individuals
Yacht Charters for Individuals

Business Benefits

Well-versed in delivering beneficial yacht charters for businesses, Chicago Private Yacht Rentals has proven to produce a very good return on investment for our clients.

Business Benefits
Yacht Charters for Businesses

Dockside News

Pleasure and Prosperity

Expanded Private Dining, Chicago River Tour, Hammond Casino Trips and Lake Michigan Crossing customizable packages are [...]

Chicago Private Yacht Rentals

From Proposals of Marriage to Celebrating Anniversaries; Intimate Rendezvous for Two to Gatherings of Family and Friends; Celebrity Settings, Networking and Fundraising; To Helping our Clients Impress Prospects, Indulge Customers, Influence Stakeholders and Inspire Employees, when it comes to chartering a private yacht in Chicago, Chicago Private Yacht Rentals’ personable staff has the experience to attend to all the details of any occasion and the attentive crew of Adeline’s Sea Moose knows how to pamper passengers.

Celebrity Setting

Chicago Private Yacht Rentals is no stranger to providing charters for celebrities and the Adeline’s Sea Moose offers a well-appointed setting and vantage perspectives for film productions, photo shoots, and live broadcasts. Contact Rebecca at (224) 601-0220 for details.


Chartering a private yacht in Chicago is a good networking move and choosing Chicago Private Yacht Rentals providing an attentive Adeline’s Sea Moose crew will prove to be a very good investment. Contact Jody at (224) 601-0220 to discuss your needs.


Being charitable stems from the heart, however, providing something in return is an added incentive. Chicago Private Yacht Rentals can provide a high donation return incentive or reward to keep donors giving.  Contact Sam at (224) 601-0220 to explore options.